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Agni III – Generation and Processing of energy PDF Print E-mail
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We learnt about conservation of energy in our last column. When we talk of sanjam or discipline, it sounds very much like suppression. Anger is arising inside me. I am angry for a reason. The man hit the child for no reason. He must be taught a lesson. My anger is justified. Now I have to suppress my anger. This is what we conceive of sanjam or discipline. This is not what I am talking about when I talk about conservation of energy. There is a fundamental difference between suppression and conservation of energy. Rivers have been flowing down our lands for centuries. We started stopping the rivers and making dams for power generation in our times. We also started bringing canals out for irrigation from these rivers. We are conserving the energy that was simply wasted by all this water flowing away. There is no question of suppression here.


We did not see the waste before and now we can see it. It is as simple as that. Water was flowing and it was just water before we realized its potential. We have energy inside us that is flowing out in various forms. We do not see a potential for this and that is why whenever someone talks about building a dam, we call it suppression. Buddha and Krishna are not talking about suppression. In my mind they are against suppression of any kind. They are trying to show us the potentials of that energy. They want us to make better use of that agni. Krishna first talked about yoga of different kinds before he started talking about Agni. Yoga can bring us to a point where we can make better use of that Agni. Krishna refers to yoga-Agni as well. Agni is not only being conserved, it is being generated as well.

When the wastage of energy is stopped or reduced, energy (Agni) builds up inside. We know only one use of this energy and that is its flow outwards. The energy starts pushing. It wants to express. The intellect comes to its help. Reasons are given by our mind to express this energy. We try to understand the mechanism behind and stick to sanjam. The energy pushes harder. We sometimes give in and sometimes not. We have not known any better. Let us say that we do not give in. Energy now is bursting to get out. We have to devise other channels for this energy. Actually there are channels already. We only need to discover them. America existed before Columbus discovered it. He only found what was already there. Similarly the kundalini is already inside us. We have to learn how to channelize this energy in that direction.

But, before we get there, let us understand the movements of energy a little further. Great caution is necessary at this point. This energy is quite some energy. As it builds up and as more energy is generated, great push of expression outside is going to come. Wishes can come true here. We have to be careful what we wish at this juncture. Osho always warned his sanyasins about what they think and wish for during their meditation camps. Great energy is generated and is being conserved. Negative thoughts can start materializing and hence they are a no-no for such practices. Negative thoughts should be left behind at the beginning of any spiritual journey. You never know what powers are working with you. That is one reason why some people emphasize so much about need of a Guru on this path.

Let us move ahead. You are able to keep to this path. You have reduced or stopped any wastage of the energy. Energy is being stored. The push also is natural. You have been in some terms fighting to keep the discipline (sanjam). You have not been angry. You have not had sex. You have been meditating. The push continues. We all have heard stories about apsaras who come to disturb the tapasya of munis and rishis. They came to Buddha as well. We all know about dreams. You are not having sex in real life. Sex travels in your dreams. You bring your awareness to sleep and now are aware and in control of sleep and dreams. You do not fantasize any more. Apsaras are the ultimate push of this energy. Dreams start to materialize. Your sanjam is getting the ultimate challenge. You start getting opportunities of your life time.

You have conserved energy. You have generated energy. You are glowing. This glow (tej) even though now photographable, is obvious on your face. People get attracted to you. The universe brings to you opportunities that never existed. The test is on. Are you going to start traveling outside or is your journey to inside going to continue. Osho says that the existence reveals to you what you are ready for. If you are ready for apsaras, that is what you get. If you are ready for some tantric powers you get that. Now you can go back to the sansar (world) and make some name and fame based on that. Your journey is over. You may not regress but you do not go further either. Buddha would not settle for that. He wants to get to the ultimate and also guide us to the ultimate in the same way. Krishna will take Arjun all the way. Krishna has held back nothing from Arjun. That is the beauty of Gita. We will continue in our next column in our search of Agni.

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