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Agni IV: Appropriate use of energy PDF Print E-mail
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We have learned how to stop wastage of energy. Yoga helps direct this energy inwards towards the center. Energy can take an upward path if it does not go downwards from the Muladhar Chakra. Muladhar Chakra is the base, the first chakra of the 7 chakras attributed to Kundalini Chakra system. Kundalini Jagaran (awakening of energy) is another topic; we will just touch the basics that the energy is ready to move now. Energy can also be used in practice of yoga. Krishna talked about gyan yoga, buddhi yoga, karma yoga before he talked about yagya and the topic of agni. Energy is used and is also generated during practice of any yoga. Krishna has mentioned in passing about this yoga agni.


Yoga also helps in connecting to the energy source. That union contributes to the generation of immense amount of energy. A large amount of energy is available to an individual at this stage. There is mention of Rishi Durvasha in Mahabharata. This Rishi had a lot of energy available to him. The flow of energy was not that wonderful in his case. We have talked about how important it is to think positive when on a spiritual path. Wishing and materialization can happen instantaneously in certain stages of spiritual growth. Every one used to be afraid of Rishi durvasha. He was respected for what he had achieved, but people were afraid because of his anger. He had not mastered anger but had somehow got to the point where all this energy was available to him. Such accidents did happen and we have many such stories in our scriptures. They are not just mythology. Those stages are real possibilities. Appropriate application of this available energy is necessary. The existence is careful in who gets to this stage. There are automatic check points. Ego ought to have been dropped. Ego is help in getting so far in this materialistic world. Ego is an obstacle in the world of spiritualism.

The energy can be used for personal growth. As mentioned above more exploration on this path is what we need at our stage of growth. We need to meditate. We need to do yoga. We need to pray and we need to surrender. We are not at the stage of full growth. Let us follow the path for energy conservation and the rest will fall in place by itself.

Energy can be used for healing purposes. I recently met a patient who is a healer. She uses energy in her Reikei techniques. Reikei is all about use of energy to heal. She tried to dissolve her kidney stones using Reikei therapy. That did not work. Does it mean the whole technique is farce? I would not say that. I actually had a session with her and then I could actually feel the energy transfer in some parts of my body. My Swadhisthan chakra (second chakra on kundalini) was especially amenable to the energy transfer and I could feel the heat at that point.

I am bringing the healing perspective here because it is so important for all the professionals in the healing industry. There are some who claim to cure cancers and kidney stones by ayurveda and energy transfer. There are others who trivialize these aspects of healing and laugh it away. The alternative medicine is becoming more and more important. I feel that every healer (physician or a nurse) needs to have training in energy conservation. The health care community needs to have a knowledge and practice of this technology. The myth needs to be broken. It is true that alternative medicine can help. But, it is not an answer to everything.

The state of being of the healer (say a physician or a nurse) in my view is immensely important. A meditative physician who has learned the art and science of energy conservation is more in tune with the existence. He is knowingly or unknowingly able to direct the energy to the patient during his normal surgical or medical treatment patients. This in my opinion is bound to affect the end result. It won’t be surprising to find that results of such a physican are better compared to others. There needs to be research directed in this aspect of medicine. We need to answer the question if factors other than medicine or surgery affect the outcome of treatment on a given condition.

Energy directed inwards can change an individual. Energy properly directed outwards to an individual may heal the person from illnesses. Energy appropriately directed around may create peace and harmony in the atmosphere. Krishna talks about a different use of this energy in yagya. The energy (Agni) may be used to burn garbage (that we carry over time) and also may be used to purify certain aspects of the being. We shall continue exploring these in further columns.

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