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Gita - Gita Articles

yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham

Hey Bharata (Arjuna), whenever
There is decline of the value system, Dharma
And there is rise of the Adharma
(Destructive systems e.g. terrorism)
I manifest myself in the physical form. ||4:7||

paritranaya sadhunam
vinasaya ca duskrtam
sambhavami yuge yuge

I (Parmatma) make my physical appearance
A possibility in different times,
(Sambhavaami yuge yuge)
For Protection of the goodness,
Destruction of the evil forces,
And reestablishing of the Dharma
(Dharma = value system of maya loka) ||4:8||

We discussed regarding autoregulation and the main determinant of auto regulation being karma in our last column. There is inherent freedom in what karma we choose to do and this leads to the possibility of imbalance in the value system in this universe. Dharma (seen as value system) could be at stake in these times. Divine intervention some times is needed and Krishna says that he comes down in human form to correct the imbalance. There is more to what we have discussed so far.

Let us look at what we can see first. There is anarchy in a state of India. There is no rule of law that works for the average person. Businessmen are held hostage and have to pay ransoms. Professors can not teach freely and the examjinations are not fair. What happens in such a place? The businesses leave and the good quality brains leave to a safer place.

Let us then imagine that the whole country is like that. Where will a business man go and what can he do. He has to live and please the powers to be. Where will the intellectuals go and what will they do? They have to serve the powers to be. No one can share the giref. Life as is becomes acceptable. Some may find ways to leave the country and go to another country and prosper thereafter.

But what will be the situation if the whole world is like that? This was the situation in the times of Mahabharata. Duryodhana wanted an unopposed rule. He was not willing to give space for the five Pandava brothers to co-exist. Several good people of his times were with him for one reason or another. Duryodhana was able to insult Draupadi in front of all of them.

We can see this far? We can see all the evils and problems that are associated with this kind of regimen. A lot of people living in those times might have become accustomed to the life and did not see anything wrong with the situation. India was ruled by British for several years. It was ruled by Moghuls before that. It was ruled not because Bristish were so strong or ruthless, but more so because it was okay to be ruled over by majority of the Indians who lived in those times. Similarly, life was okay for many in the times of Duryodhana until the five brothers stood up against his wishes.

What we are not able to see here is what happens to the Universe that we do not see. What we see is just the tip of the icebergh. We are mostly unaware of other dimensions of Chetana (consciousness). J. Krishnamurthy has conceptualized these as Consciousness pool and all these actions are seen by him as contamination of this pool. Krishna knows this as well and he can see the effects of deterioration of Dharma on dimensions other that we can see, but they do exist.

There is more to the universe of consciousness than we can see. We are the corporeal beings. We have a physical body and we make part of the mayaloka. There do exist non-corporeal bodies that co-operate with us as corporeal beings. There are good and bad elements in this domain as well. The bad souls have a feast when people like Duryodhana and Ravana seem to prevail. The good souls which only appear to come on request are also in trouble, because they do not find such people around. The goodness (saadhu kind) cannot be expressive. It remains suppressed like what happened to Vibhishan when he lived with Ravana. These effects are devastating. It affects the whole process of life afte life. Somehow congregations of bad souls dominate the corporeal world and this affects the world of the incorporeal beings and the cycle then becomes viscous.

There is yet another dimension that we do not see or perceive. Normally every sould is on an upward journey. Prsence of a Buddha or Krishna acts as a catalyst. All the souls start on an upward journey. This is the default journey when Dharma is sustained. When Dharma is on a downward trend, the general journey is reversed. It is harder for someone to embark on a spiritual journey. The whole atmosphere is heavy and the sheer weight of Adharma brings the whole existence down. The gossips, the discussions, the interactions are of a different kind. Everyone is suspiscious. People do not trust each other. They live in fear. It is a wonder that Yudhisthir or Arjuna can maintain their integrity in such time. Even they had to watch silently the games their cousins played against them.

Krishna can see it all and no wonder he values Dharma so much. Let us watch Krishna and Arjun in slow motion as we continue our journey through Gita. Let us focus and meditate on every aspect touched by our beloved Krishna and thank him and Arjun for allowing this opportunity to exist for us.

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