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From Parents to Parmatma III PDF Print E-mail
Gita - Gita Articles

kankshaantah karmanam siddhim yajanta iha devatah
kshiipram hi maanushe loke siddhir bhavati karmajaa

Those who long for success in their work here on earth worship the celestial controllers (Devas). Success in work comes quickly in this hu¬man world. (4.12)


Karma always produces results
Man worships different gods
For a desired result
And quite often he does get the result
In this physical body world (manushe loke) ||4:12||

The infrastructure starts at parent’s level. We all have a father and a mother. The desires of our parents are the first driving force for us as a child. The pathway to desires is still the same. It starts with thoughts of a subject and then develops an attachment to that subject. This then becomes the desire. Parent’s desires end up giving us the direction we will be heading to in future. There is another factor though that plays an important role, our samskaras that we bring with us from past lives. We will not bring this factor in our current discussion. The society and peer pressure also helps in shaping our lives as we get out of the home and interact with others.

We all grow and as we grow we start focusing on our own desires. There usually is a conflict that happens between parents trying to maintain their driving force on us and us trying to become independent. Sometimes this struggle can get ugly as well. This forms great stories for our Hindi films. “How the father does not like the son to marry a certain girl” has formed the core of many a films. Parents have become so accustomed to using their offsprings to travel on their desire pathway that they forget that the kids can ever live on their own. But this is bound to happen one day whether they like it or not.

The Basics (Desire, Determination and Discipline):
The basic elements of our own driving force are desire (kaamana), determination (sankalp) and discipline (anushaashan). As mentioned above, it all starts with thoughts. Once it reaches the level of desire, the other two factors are essential for it to go anywhere. Otherwise it just remains dreams.

Desire to do good or bad have to be there and is always there. This is the driving force. Energy gets imparted at this point. I want to look cool. I see a friend of mine who has a cigarette in his mouth and is drawing in the smoke. He looks great. I get determined to try it and the next thing I know of is that I have a cigarette in between my fingers. There is no need of much discipline here because the cigarette is habit forming anyway. Now I have grown up and can see that smoking is harmful for health. The desire to look cool is replace by the desire to quit. I need definite determination or resolve (sankalp) to quit smoking. I may want to adopt just cold turkey if I have a strong will power or determination. I may want to use nicotine patches to help quitting if I do not have that strong a will power. I also need discipline if I want to keep away from smoking again in future.

Even if I want to get divine help, it has to follow the same pathway. I have a desire to get the help from Shiva. There is a pathway for that as well. First of all I have to develop the desire to get the help from Shiva. Just wanting the help is not going to get me the help. I have to follow certain direction to that. I need to go to Varanasi to get to the temple. I have to sit in the temple and do a jaap of “Om Namah Shivaya,” for so many days. I need to have the determination or the will power to leave everything else and go to Varanasi in India. Once I get there I have to follow the prescribed routine. I need to have that discipline to continue that prescribed routine. Then and then only there is chance that Shiva will be happy with me enough to give me certain result. There are no guarantees anyway. However, those wishing for success on this planet with the divine help can seek to do so by following a prescribed routine for that help.

This is what Krishna is talking about here. He says that the ultimate abode is where Krishna is. But there are other places before we get to him. Krishna is aware of all other levels before his own abode. And many of us do not even want to consider going to a place where there appears to be a sense of nothingness. If we instead consider help from the divine, there exists a pathway for that as well. Krishna did ask Arjun to pray to Devi Durga before start of the whole showdown between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Even getting to Krishna’s place follows the same basic trio-pathway of desire, determination and discipline. Desires drop on the path itself, but it surely does start with a desire to get to Krishna consciousness.

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