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Our lives centers on desires. Good desires are better than bad desires. Spiritual desires are better than material desires. Is there any thing beyond desires? Is desire the only driving force in our lives? Can we live without any desires? These are questions that every one of us especially the ones on spiritual path face all the time. This article will try to present the world of desires and then will try to look beyond the world of desires. Let us start at how the infrastructure works for a new-comer in this world. This will help us understand why health of this infrastructure is so important.


We are born into a family. The parents are the first to help us nourish our body and soul. There may be a whole lot more in a joint family. I grew up in a village. Every one around was a brother, sister or a chacha. There was some sort of relationship with the trees and rivers around. Ganga is maiya for many of the Indians. Many societies in India still make a wish, “Jai shri Krishan” instead of saying hello or good morning. The system was built in a way that supported and nurtured spiritual growth. This support is so vital for the growth of a child. Contrast that with a child growing in a single parent home or many broken homes. What are the chances of a child growing well in Kashmir or Afghanistan in the present circumstances? A child’s personality is made in his formative years and some feel that most of it happens by the age of four.

The parents are the first set of driving forces that gets a child going. They drive them to schools or take them for their dance lessons. What the parents expect from their child is always a pressure on the children. It may not be always healthy but this still is so true. Just imagine if what you see in some movies is really true. A child is being abused by his parents. What kind of drive is the child exposed to when he grows up in such circumstances.

The child grows up. He goes out and plays with his friends. He goes to school and mingles and discusses contemporary issues, the issues that pertain to them and issues that concerns most of them. These issues are affected by what is in the air. This we call a peer pressure. It is a driving force as well. If a critical number of children in the School enjoy smoking, then the chances that smoking becomes a driving force for me as a child is high as well. This is well known to cigarette manufacturers; they have always tried to get young children to start smoking. It therefore becomes the responsibility of the society to see that this part of the system is healthy as well.

We all have had a chance to go astray while growing up. The important point is that most of us who happen to loose our way because of peer pressure or peer’s drive come back to the right path at a stage before it is too late. And in some sense it is never too late for one to come back to the right senses.

There comes a time when we all develop our own personality or call it individuality. The main driving force here is desires (kaamana). The desires are of different kinds and they all have an inherent energy. The kaamana or desires start from thinking about a subject (dhyayato vishayan punshah) and the desires thus depend primarily on what we are starting to think.

The article will further explore what happens next and after that next as presented in Bhagavad-Gita.

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