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How to know the inner flow? PDF Print E-mail
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We talked about the inner flow in our last column, “Niyatam kuru karmam” and discussed how this inner flow could guide what the true nature of our personality (niyatam) is. But, how do we know this inner flow? It is easy to go to our scriptures or follow certain commandments, but it is much harder to know our own inner core. We will try to explore this journey to the inner core here.

We all know our about the outer flow. The flow is well described in our column, Desire Pathway.” The flow starts with:

Dhyayato vishayan punsaha
(Thinking about a subject).

This sounds so benign yet it is so profound. I have a friend who was once talking about us and our desires and how it is so well exploited on the internet. We all get junk emails. We call it junk because it is unsolicited. So, why do people send junk emails? I had a chance to talk to a telemarketing person. They call and offer to sell a product or a service. The girl was convinced that if she talked well and professionally, she will sell the product most of the times. For them it is a job and they aim to succeed at it. Coming back to my friend, he was talking about junk emails. Many a times the junk emails are related to porn material. He is a respectable person and is mostly against porn, but he admitted that he ends up opening some of those files and go surfing.

The whole thinking behind this telemarketing or the junk email phenomenon is to start the topic in our mind and relates to ‘dhyayato vishayan punsaha.’ They know that once the thought process starts, the rest follows. And this can be one technique that can be used to get to the inner flow as well. What is Osho or Buddha trying to do? Why have they talked so much? Many a times Osho has said that there is nothing new to be talked about. Upanishads have said it all. If Buddha had nothing new to talk about why did he talk incessantly for 40 years? If the ultimate cannot be perceived by the mind why talk about it. All this is to generate a longing and thirst about the inner journey. The rest just follows. Once the inner journey starts, the goal also starts traveling to the person making the journey. And then is it really possible to get glimpses of the inner flow.

What do the skeptics say? There are always some people who do not even want to listen to a Buddha or Mahavira. I do not know what they feel but there are many people who feel that everything is in the grasp of the mind. God or Paramatma in fact is beyond the grasp of our mind. And this distinction needs to be understood deeply. Mind should be convinced before any inner journey to start, but mind cannot grasp the ultimate nor can it experience the inner flow. But, once the experience has been had, mind is the only instrument to express it. And there in lies the difficulty. Mind has to express something that is not its experience. Whenever words are used the real meaning is apt to be lost. You love somebody and are telling your friend how much you love this person. Do you really think your friend gets how much you love this person? He gets something and that something is limited by his own experience of love. I am myopic and wear glasses. What I see without glasses is totally different compared to what someone with 20/20 vision sees without glasses. But, still our spectrum how much we can see is limited. We do not see the ultraviolet or the infrared part of the spectrum by our unassisted eyes. Similarly mind has limitations too. We know that the IQ differs from person to person. And even if I am bright and crunch numbers so well, I may not be able to sing at all. Talents differ from one individual to another as well. What I am trying to get to is bound to have limitations too and we ought to understand this before mind will let us even start the journey.

We can remain busy with the outer flow for many lives and not even know the existence of the inner flow. But once we start on the journey to the inside, it is a different world. It is like diving for the first time. We might have spent all our lives on the surface of the earth and not know what lies under the surface of the ocean. But the undersurface of the ocean has its own beauty. Similarly there is depth in our own life and all we need to do is start the journey. Osho has said that nature reveals to us mysteries that we are ready for. And that is what we will experience in this inner journey.

We talked about the power of sankalp. Soon after Krishna takes about the importance of Mana (mind), he talks about the “niyatam kuru karma tvam.” And that niyatam could be found through this inner journey. This journey is what I would like to term saadhana. Saadhana is a combination of practice with discipline. You take a sankalp and then follow it through day in and day out. Once the mind is the master, desires are under control and sankalp and saadhana are our partners. Krishna is going to take Arjuna on this path and we shall be there to follow and experience.

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