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Gita - Gita Articles

Krishna was born some five thousand years ago. His birth was quite an event and so was his whole life. We have called Krishna a full incarnate of Parmatma. And, how do you ever celebrate birth of such a person. Krishna’s birthday is celebrated all over India and every one knows the usual story of how he was born inside a jail, how the doors opened and how he was carried across Jamuna and the whole lot. We will not go into those details but will try to analyze important aspects of Krishna’s personality. I shall also try to speculate what will it be like if Krishna were here with us today. In fact I do believe that Krishna’s energy or say vibrations can still be available to us if we are ready to receive it. All we have to do is to develop the right receptivity.

Complete Incarnation (Purna Avatar)

Yes, I did say, “Krishna were,” because Krishna does not appear to be one person, he appears to be multiple persons at the same time. And the difference is so much that there are people who believe that Krishna of Mahabharata was a different Krishna when compared to Krishna of the Bhagavad.

Osho believed that Krishna was born much before his time. And the time is not very far when we will be able to comprehend Krishna better. He is the most significant personality in the whole history of mankind. It is not that other significant people did not happen in the past or will not happen in the future, but Krishna’s significance is quite something. Of all the significant people born on this planet earth Krishna is the only one who accepts life fully as it is on this earth. All others talk of a life on the other world. Buddha sees this life and this world as suffering and we have to work towards ending this suffering. There is nothing wrong in what Buddha is saying, but Krishna’s approach is totally different. He is surrounded by problems. Attempts have been in play to kill Krishna since his birth, yet the man has a flute in his hand. He is always rejoicing, smiling and dancing. Can you ever imagine Jesus with a flute and dancing in Raas leela.

Krishna’s freedom is here and now. Life as we know it never received such deep and unconditional acceptance by any one else. Krishna is a complete incarnation because his life encompasses all there is to life. It seems impossible, but this impossibility has manifested itself in the form of Krishna. Krishna represents contradictions. He can fight and kill Kansa and then is willing to accept defeat from Jarasandha or even run away from a fight. All this is possible in the same person. He is so inconsistent (in a positive way). Jesus or Buddha or Mahavira are consistent. There is logic, a rhythm and a harmony in their life. Krishna can be unpredictable to say the least. When Arjuna wanted not to fight (at the beginning of Gita), he must have been expecting Krishna to agree with him. Arjuna must have been shocked when Krishna took a totally unexpected stance.

There has been no sect that formed around Krishna. It is not possible. He represents so much. It is unfortunate that Krishna has been boxed in as a Hindu God. In fact he should have universal access. He should be available to every one in the same way as Yoga and Meditation are. Krishna in Gita is so methodical, so scientific and so clear; it is a disservice to the world to box him in with one religion or the other. And the future of religion lies in the concepts outlined by Krishna, a life affirmative religion.

Krishna is whole also because he is multidimensional. He will be a perfect thief if he chooses to do so. There will be no qualms or complaints. His whole life was so eventful. Yet his death was such a non-event, as if he never died. The Ishavashya Upanishada says that, “From Wholeness emerges Wholeness and if you take away Wholeness from Wholeness, Wholeness remains.” Krishna is one such Wholeness. And this Wholeness is ready to come anytime with us. Krishna was at ease in Mathura, Vrindavan and Dwaraka five thousand years ago and will be as happy in the streets of Delhi or Bombay today. So let us look at what if Krishna were with us today.

End of mediocrity
People are happy singing bhajans and saying Hare Krishna on the streets. If Krishna comes with us he is going to make us all feel very uncomfortable. He probably will not go to Vrindavan or Mathura. He might head for Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore, a place where there is action and there are potentials.

It is important to understand what Krishna stands for. Krishna in Gita does not talk about end of suffering, happiness or how to get enlightened. He talks about how to excel, how to arise and fight when you have to and how to become totally fearless. He is not advising anyone to run away from life. Krishna stands for excellence, and he has the methodology how to get there with a happy face.

Krishna will put the whole country to work and will demand to work for excellence. He will reiterate the meaning of nishkam karma and will draw a clear distinction between nishkam (unattached) and nishkarma (not doing anything). I have met many a people who do not work because they are not interested in the results. And nishkam karma has become an excuse for laziness. Because the results are not important, we have really become unconscious about the quality of work or quality of product. When Krishna talked about nishkam karma, he did it to enhance productivity and performance and not to go down the drain. If one is not interested in the results, there will be more energy available for the doing. I grew up in Patna and I know where all the energy of many people went. It was gossip, gossip and gossip. Krishna will definitely change that in a hurry. There is need for work in peace and in war. A country should be working to excel all the time.

What are the Brahmins of today doing in our country? Doing karma kand puja and blessing a couple in marriage is not the only duty of a Brahmina. They are supposed to be intellectuals. Barring few names like Abdul Kalam or Vivekananda or Rabindra Nath Tagore, where are the people who can research and invent. Why do we have to be behind every other country in development? Our Brahmin community should be working on zillion of projects, from writing our history to where the next five thousand years should head to. It is shameful that people write our history from another country and then we can just complain. Krishna existed or not should not be even a question. Why can’t we send some of our researchers to do Tapasya and see if there is something in Kailash or in Vindhyachal. Maybe some time will be wasted but we may find new dimensions in research. The intellectuals, the think tanks or call them Brahmins have to wake up and do their duty, perform or perish is the world of today. India has to get that sooner rather than later.

Krishna is unpredictable. He will not conform to my ideas of how he should behave, but one thing is clear at least in my mind. He will not stand for mediocrity. Krishna stands for excellence and that is what he will make us strive for. His presence amongst us will be the end of our so so approach to life; we will have to give our 110% in what we do.

End of social hierarchy:
What has happened to India and its caste system? And we are always ready to blame Krishna for this present caste system. Because Krishna said in Gita (4:13):

catur-varnyam maya srstam
tasya kartaram api mam
viddhy akartaram avyayam

The fourfold varna was created by me on the basis of Guna (aptitude) and karma. And, although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the non-doer, being unchangeable.

Krishna is so clear in what he says. There are four types of individuals based on their work (what they do). The work is based on what their aptitude, interests, tendencies are. And that is what the universities of today are trying to find. A medical school wants to attract students who have basic brightness and the aptitude to be a doctor. Every one does not have the same aptitude, attribute or an interest in becoming a doctor. A singer requires different attribute that an engineer.

This hierarchy has to go. Every one has to do his part. The engineers have to find new tools and new ways, doctors have to find new cures and the inventors have to dig their gray matters to come up with innovative products. But, most important of all, India has to believe in itself. And there are signs that this is happening. It has to gather momentum. The ksatriyas do not only have to know how to fight, they need to develop the best fighting army in the world. Weapon superiority is as important as the readiness to die. The vaishyas of the country have to create wealth. The country can achieve nothing if there is no wealth to support it. And the shudras have to keep the country going. Ganga needs to be cleaned and so are the streets of every city.

And no one should be refusing from taking up different roles in their life. A brahmana can also take up the cleaning job when that has to be done. He may be primarily an intellectual, but if the country needs him to fight he should be able to pick up the arms and go for it. It is so strange that when Bakhtiayr Khilji attacked Nalanda, he had instructions to kill the people with shaven heads. And they were the monks and the Brahmins. His job was so easy. There is no need to expect compassion from a person like Khilji, but at the same time there was no resistance from theses monks and Brahmins either. They were willing to die, all in the name perhaps of, “Atman never dies.” They were weak but fearless. Krishna will make sure we all become strong and fearless. And therein lies the beauty of Krishna

Krishna will not put up with this hierarchy. He will also not let the division become watertight compartments. Brahmin for puja and ksatriya for fighting will not be exclusive. A Brahmin should be able to clean if needed and fight when challenged. After all Krishna played different roles himself all through his life. If you look at Krishna he is a Brahmin when Gita flows from him, he is a kshatriya when he fights with Kansa and he is a shudra when he becomes a charioteer and is ready to wash the horses for the next day drive. He might have been a Vaishya when he settled in the port of Dwaraka for all that matters. Krishna will not be kind to the people who have distorted this fundamental system to suit their interests.

End of pacifism:
With coming of Krishna will come realism in our life? He is neither a hawk nor is he a dove. But there are always hawks and dove present in the sky. Krishna defaults to peace but has no problem being involved in a war if the situation arises. He will not avert a war at any cost. Krishna has his own threshold. Krishna will not compromise destruction of the value system of the maya loka, dharma. Krishna has been misunderstood for many centuries now because of the Mahabharata. Some believe that India might have been still affluent had there been no Mahabharata. And this perhaps went deep into the psyche of India. Several spiritual and other leaders of course have reinforced this ever since the Mahahbharata. And there has been some contribution to this from Mahavira, Buddha and Gandhi as well. We have become pacifist at heart and it takes a lot of effort for us to standup for ourselves. And the results are in front of us.

Krishna will bring us back to the center. Peace is important but should not be agreed upon at any and all costs. Pandavas were ready to give up everything they had except five villages for themselves but that did not bring peace then and even if India gives up Kashmir to Pakistan; there shall be no peace today. Krishna will argue that this will not bring the peace that we want. There are certain values and principles that have to be protected. And if it means a confrontation then Krishna will still be there right in the middle of the confrontation. He will not run away and he will not let us run away either.

Let us examine this a little further. We became pacifist after the Mahabharata. And whom did we invite. We invited invaders. We let our guards down. We became slaves. And this gives us lesson number one and that is that if you want to maintain peace you have to be strong. Any way, we were slaves. And we then fought for these rulers and killed our own people. We worked in the army of Akbar and fought against Rana Pratap. We worked in the army of British and fought against Jhansi ki Rani. We the pacifist peace loving people were forced to fight against our own people. And we can’t see the irony of all that.

Krishna will not let us become weak. He made sure Pandavas were strong then and he will make sure India is strong today. No body listens to the weak and meek. And even to make a peaceful and meaningful world, we need to be strong. That does not necessarily mean that we have to go to war. But that will certainly not be sending invitations to others to come and rule us. No country wants to own another country these days. It will be too much hassle. What power meant 100 years ago is different than what power means today. The power today is the economic power and the power of tomorrow will be the intellectual power. India has to get there. And Krishna will make sure we understand that.

Waiting for Krishna:
We do not have to worry. Krishna will come back when the load of baddys on this planet is heavy. He will take care of it. After all Krishna said:

yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham
paritranaya sadhunam
vinasaya ca duskrtam
sambhavami yuge yuge

Krishna said himself that he will come back. And that gives us an excuse to be complacent. Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesh will protect our lives. Who are we kidding? Rama worshipped Shiva before he invaded Lanka. Krishna asked Arjuna to remember Ma Durga before the start of Mahabharata. And there is divine help, which we sometimes need. But, that does not mean we drop any effort on our part. Rama had his intensive training and Arjuna had his. Where is our effort? We are all waiting for Krishna to come and sort it all out. I think we will all be surprised. Rama was nicer. He killed Ravana himself. Krishna is not like Rama. Krishna had Bhima fight with Duryodhana and Arjuna fight with Drona and Bhishma. Arjuna lost his son Abhimanyu in that war. Krishna did not do it then and is not going to do it now. Krishna may decide to bear no arms again. And we will have to do it ourselves. So friends, let us get used to it. Let us prepare ourselves so that when and if Krishna comes with us, he will find us ready for him.

Krishna is not with us in physical form. I am sure he is around us in incorporeal form ready to manifest when we are ready. Let us spend few moments in his dhyana on this occasion of janmastami. Let us pray to our favorite laughing, smiling dancing Krishna today and surrender ourselves to him in that prayer. And once the prayer is over let us go for that Dahi Handi and see who wins. Let us fill our hearts with his love and proceed on his path of excellence.

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