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Sahayagya Prajah Shrustva PDF Print E-mail
Gita - Gita Articles

Sahayagya prajah shrushtva
Purovaachaha Prajapatih
Anena prasavishyadhvamesha

Prajapati Brahma caused creation 
Of the praja (all creatures) by this 
Surrendered karma of yagya 
And said at the time 
That this yagya methodology shall 
Help you procreate and prosper in life. ||3:10|| 

Devan bhavayatanena 
Tey Deva bhavayantu vah 
Parasparam bhavayantaha 
Shreyaha paramavaapsyatha

You shall use this yagya methodology 
To help the prosperity of the Devas 
And Devas in turn will help in 
Your prosperity by the same methods 
Thus by mutual surrendered karma 
Both shall achieve the ultimate well-being. ||3:11|| 
(Devas = good souls become devas)


This is a significant statement by Krishna. So far he has been telling Arjuna how and why he should act (do karma). No, he is talking how the Supreme Being works. He is now talking about the working of the very creation.

The Prajapati is synonymous with creator, but that is not the right translation. Creator is what we like to conceive as a person who sits, plans and executes. Krishna is saying that the creator acts like performing a yagya. We talked about yagya in our last column. The technology of yagya implies that there be no attachment, there be no desire and in the end there is no baggage to carry.

This baggage part must be understood clearly. We live and in our life perform many acts. I have a neighbor and there have been issues with my neighbor. Next time there is a dispute, I bring up a whole list that I have been gathering in support of points. All this support material may be useful in the court, but they are no healthy for my being. They are bound to bring tension and stress to my physical being. They may in turn be cause of several illnesses in my life too. This is what I mean when I talk about the baggage. By the end of our life, our baggage becomes really heavy. We should thank the system whereby we do not remember our pat life when we are born again. Because if we did, we will be all born with psychological problems. The disputes will become everlasting.

The creator, the Prajapati cannot afford to have this baggage. There is no room for him to forget events; he just does not store it. Creation is not an effort for him. We can try to understand creation as being his second nature. Praja (creation) just spontaneously flows out of the Prajapati; it is his inner property. It is his inner flow and represents the inner flame. He is not proud of his creation because it is so effortless. There is nothing to be proud about. There is no ego to build around. There is no one to offer any medallion. His presence is associated with the creation.

Why does Krishna bring in the subject of the Prajapati? Krishna wants Arjuna to know that there is possibility of actions without desires and attachment and that anything higher and sublime acts by this methodology. Desire can be a drive to action, but has limitations and also has inherent problems. Once the desires are dropped, other doors open and then it is obvious that there exists superior paths. And that is how the divine works.

The working of the divine is out of its nature. It is spontaneous and is just a flow. If the divine can work and produce something as miraculous as the creation we see, why we can not be able to work without the drive of the desires. This is what Krishna is trying to point out to Arjuna. This was not only a difficulty with Arjuna. We all have this difficulty. We live for certain desires; we plan our life with a goal. How can we comprehend that there could be anything else that can drive us to any work?

Krishna goes on to talk about the Devas. There is so much confusion with this word Devas. This has bothered our respected Chinmayananda as well. Why do we have so many Devas. There have been many attempts to unify this Devas and trying to project as one God. As far as I see we do not have this one God system. Why do we have to match the one God concept of other institutions?

Prajapati is one aspect of the ultimate and is similar yet not the same as creator. Praja (the creation) or the creation includes the corporeal and the incorporeal beings. We exist as corporeal beings and the Devas exist as incorporeal beings. They are still part of the creation. In the journey from life to life, some of us are born again immediately after we die. There is no delay. Some are born with delay and exist as incorporeal beings. They could be good souls or could be bad souls. The good souls usually have to be invited to come and be with us or help us. Sometimes they come and help any good cause. Therefore, if we take up any good cause, we are not alone. Similarly a bad soul is also looking out for outlets and its strengths are available to any bad act. Therefore a bad person is also not alone. There must be several such incorporeal bodies hovering around a Hitler or a Bind Laden.

Krishna is only talking about Devas here. There is no reason to not believe the existence of Devas. There is no other scientific explanation to the cycle of life after life. Krishna is talking about a better world. How can we help the Devas to prosper? If Devas prosper they will inturn assure prosperity of the good guys here. There is then the possibility of heaven on earth. There is no other way. If the world is full of Duryodhana, Hitler, Stalin and the like, then there is no possibility of a better world. Yagya is the way for this mutual prosperity.

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