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Gita - Gita Articles

mayi sarvani karmani
nirasir nirmamo bhutva
yudhyasva vigata-jvarah

Therefore, hey Arjuna
Be centered in your Atma
Be completely unattached
Become free of emotional fevers
And surrender all your karma to Me (Parmatma)
Without worrying about the results
Get ready to fight the war at hand. ||3:30||

ye me matam idam nityam
anutisthanti manavah
sraddhavanto 'nasuyanto
mucyante te 'pi karmabhih

He trusts in me completely
There is no question of any doubts
In what I have said thus far
This person becomes free,
Free from all bondage of karma. ||3:31||

ye tv etad abhyasuyanto
nanutisthanti me matam
sarva-jnana-vimudhams tan
viddhi nastan acetasah

But the population that
Finds fault with me
And what my views are
Consider them ignorant
And intoxicated with their
So called knowledge
Consider them lost and
Unaware of what they are doing. ||3:32||


Many people start becoming uncomfortable from her on. Krishna is talking about surrendering and surrendering many of us do not want to think about. We all want to be in control. Thinking positive is okay. Praying to God is also doable. But, loosing my entity, wait a minute. And this ‘wait a minute’ approach is not compatible with surrendering.

I work in an office dominated by female workers, mostly secretaries. When one of them is moody or say emotional, I commonly hear the use of a word ‘hormonal.’ This hormonal word implies that the fault is not with the individual but with the hormonal levels of the body inside at that time and moment. The same person when she achieves something wonderful is happy but never says that she or some one else is hormonal. Hormonal is an interesting concept. It can be used to put the blame on if things are not going right, but it is never used when a credit is due.

Krishna is saying that natural forces determine everything we do. He is saying that to Arjun. Arjun was one of the best intellectual and warrior of his times. This concept of Gunas must have hurt his pride. He had an image of himself (we discussed in Ch 2). He must have been proud of himself. Here comes Krishna and takes it all away from him. Krishna says that whatever Arjuna might have done or is going to do is rooted in the forces of nature, the Gunas. Arjun must have felt very small. Krishna’s concept of Gunas is very different from the concept of Hormonal above. It is total. Krishna says, “Guna guneshu vartante.”

Here in these shlokas Krishna gives Arjun and all of us a chance to unburden. We all carry a baggage. The baggage is of our images which are rooted in the ego we have developed about ourselves and our surroundings. Once Arjun realizes that Krishna may be right, what does he do with his baggage? There is no point in carrying the baggage. Yet, he needs a place to park the baggage. Krishna says that he is willing and prepared to take the baggage off. Krishna is willing to relieve Arjun and us of our unnecessary baggage.

This point is worth mulling over. Many of us feel and many of our Mahatmas make us believe that we have to sacrifice when we surrender. We feel as if we are going to loose something. There is a sense of an impending loss when we talk of trust and surrender. Prabhupad compares this to the relationship of an army officer to a soldier. Arjun has to obey orders. The reality is far from this. Krishna has never behaved like a commander. He is a friend and he keeps that relationship intact all the time. As a friend he is willing to help Arjun. Arjun has a lot of baggage. And so do we. We may not realize it, but all the same the baggage is there. We treat our baggage like a treasure. Krishna can see the reality that the contents of our baggage are garbage.

This is where the difficulty is. If I feel that what I have is a treasure then giving up is difficult. Once I know that it is garbage, it is hard for me to keep. Krishna is not talking of taking away our treasures. He wants us to get to the treasure land. He knows that we will never reach to that land if we continue to carry out garbage.

Krishna suggests Arjun to become centered and once he is centered he can see the reality. He can then see that his emotional outburst and his desire not to fight are arising out of one of the forces of nature. He can then see clearly that he has been dominated by his love to close ones and that he is unable to see the bigger picture of what will happen to the value system, Dharma. That insight will reveal to him of what he has been carrying all these years. And then who wants to be in that situation. This insight, this clear vision is what gives birth to shradha (unquestioned trust). And this shradha is a treasure that is so human. When it arises inside you and me, let us nourish it, let us allow it to grow and let us nurture it to bear fruits.

There are people who do not have a clear vision and they will remain deprived. They want to hold on to their garbage and what can we or Krishna do about it. Krishna is for ultimate freedom. He would not disturb this individual until he gets his own clear vision. For now, let us try to develop this clarity and follow Arjun to the land of treasures. Surrendering is a self energizing quality and it has nothing to do with who you surrender to. Krishna being there for Arjun then and for us today makes the surrendering easy. Once surrendered, it is possible to realize that surrendering is complete in itself. There is no need of the other. This topic will come again in Gita and we will continue on.

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