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What to do for the lost links? PDF Print E-mail
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If India wants to restore the broken links with the past, people will have to look at every ritual and sacraments that is being performed by the so called ignorant and illiterate masses. What they are doing is not without any reason. Their outward symbols are linked with the past of twenty thousand years. Some day we will have to thank them for at least having saved the symbols of that knowledge- symbols on which research can be done. Only by doing the research in to these things can we revive and give new life to the deep understanding that grew over a period of twenty thousand years. Then we will be surprised how suicidal we have been.


So, How do we get there? What can we do to find the links that we have lost? I do not know the full answer but one thing is sure that we can make efforts. I feel that small steps have to be taken first (small steps taken by a large number of people), and this has to be continued and sustained over time. I shall give some of my ideas here, but there are many such steps that are out there for us to take.

First of all we ought to bring spirituality to our life. When I say that let Gita descend in our lives, I do not mean let Hindu Gita descend in our life. On the contrary, I mean let the essence of Gita, which has no ism, descend in our lives. Spirituality can happen to the right body, so make it healthy and sound. Right mind is necessary and that requires right education. Education system can have curriculums to teach yoga, meditation and the lot. But, before these changes can happen, you and me can start packing a Gita or any such book in our luggage when we travel. The rest will follow. Just start being aware that Gita is an essential part of travel, as essential or even more so than the toiletry bag. These simple steps will create the right emotions (bhavana) in our lives. We can spread friendliness, happiness and compassion in and around us. But, all this will happen only after taking some basic simple steps.

The next step I feel is the step of being adventurous and being outrageous (at times) in our live. There is a hill besides where you live. Climb it. There does not need to be purpose. Spiritualism is the ultimate adventure and it does create outrageous people, outrageous not in the sense of creating a terrorist, but a revolutionary like Krishna. Let us try to expend our energy in such adventures. When I was in Medical College, a group of us used to go in the medical college and Engineering College campus to do meditation. I always felt what others might be thinking. But, today I know that the hesitation was more inside me than what was out there. I commonly hear people say that they do not have time for meditation or it is not yet time for them to do it, they will do it when they are older. In my view, there is always time to do meditation. Meditation can be done while traveling in a train or on a bus. If you are flying and have a wait in connection, I do not see why you cannot sit on the airport and meditate. As far as waiting to be old to do meditation, there is no chance. It is like saying that I will practice Brahmacharya when I am 90 years old. No, then there is no energy flowing that can be transformed into something divine.

Let me thank the India Post and the team for letting me share all this with you. The whole effort of my writing is to try to take you and me from words to no-words. That is what Krishna means when he says that there is something beyond the words of Vedas. It is so contradictory. The journey is from words to no-words, from effort to no effort, and from stasang (attachment) to nissang (non-attachment). Some of us say that I am waiting for the right Guru and the right technique. J Krishnamurthy will say that no technique is necessary. But, nobody has ever reached without any technique or effort. Gautam the Buddha, after leaving his Palace, tried every possible technique that was thrown at him but he achieved when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree doing nothing.

Many of us believe that moksha or mukti is the end goal, but to me it is far from truth. Mokash is just the beginning, because it is only after reaching there that there is any possibility of finding the lost links. Everyone who got enlightened spent the rest of their lives in spreading their message. They did not stop working once they got their moksha. And we have to take cue and lead from them. We have to start with small steps. We have to look up to the galaxy of enlightened people of our times like Ramakrishna, Maharshi Raman, Vivekananda, Maharshi Aurovindo, Mehar Baba, J. Krishnamurthi , Osho and the likes. There is something in what they have to say and we ought to listen to that.

The search from words to no-words, effort to no effort, technique to no technique ends in knowing ourselves and then and then only can we find the links to the lost Parampara. We all have to take the sankalp and start the journey. And let me tell you that once you start the journey the divine forces work with you. Life has fewer obstacles, you are luckier than the rest, you are more effective, you are more successful and you are more attractive. The quality of life changes completely and it changes for the better. We shall continue the Gita from where we left off in the next column

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