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daivam ev| 'pare yaj@a= yogina+ paryup|sate
brahm|gn|v apare yaj@a= yaj@enai’vo’pajuhvati

Some yogis perform the service of worship to celestial controllers (Devas), while others offer sacrifice itself as offering in the fire of the Eternal Being (Brahma) by performing the sacrifice of Self-knowledge. (4.25)


Some yogis apply this yagya methodology
Systematically to different Devas
While others offer the Atma (self) as havan (offering)
To be purified by Brahma himself. ||4:25||

Yagya is an expression of something far deeper that throwing grains in fire. It is not just a ritual as believed by many. My name is Krishna. I am a doctor. I have worked hard to become a doctor. I went to school and medical college and then trained for many years to get to where I am. I have an office. I go to Hospital to perform surgeries. My results are excellent. I am proud about being a successful doctor. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with it. Yet, look at what happened in the process. Look at how many times I have used the word ‘I, me and mine.” Even that can be acceptable and explained. After all, if I am not aware of my achievements, who will. I ought to tell the world in some form or the other who I am.

So what is wrong in the process and who I am? In my view what I lost in the process of becoming a doctor is my own core identity. I perhaps knew who I was when I was born. I have drifted away from my core existence. I know I am a doctor. When I retire, I become a retired doctor. It is like marriage. I become a married person. I divorce. Now my wife is an ex-wife. The relationship continues. I keep drifting from the center.

How do we get there? How do I get back to where I started? How does Arjun get to his core? He is a great warrior. He is great as he is. Why does he even need to get to his core? Why do I need to know who I was before becoming a doctor? What is the need? Life is wonderful as it is. I have a wife, I have two wonderful children and I have a good life.

This need has to be identified first. The methods only come next to that. This is where the ultimate freedom comes to play. We have the ultimate freedom provided to us as a gift from existence or say it God. Parmatma never interferes in our freedom of choice. We identify our needs and live accordingly. Buddha was having a great life until he saw an old person. We do not see it that easily. Retiring is okay, but what happens when we die. All our identities are gone. I still remember my father and his great achievements. I respect him for who he was. In the cycle from life to life, does he actually know who he was as my father? He is some one else now. He is pursuing his dreams and making his new and different identity. We have been there many times.

Yes, there is a need. We all come to feel and know the need at different times. The journey for all of us is the same. We are at different points in the curve. We all love to take detours. Until I identify the need I am carrying all the identities I have acquired in the process of life. I want to emphasize the point that all identity is acquired phenomenon. And all identity has weight. There is certain bondage there. It is like golden handcuffs. Golden handcuffs have some firmness to it. I would like to call it more like floral handcuffs. The handcuffs are there only because I want to be handcuffed. I do want to carry the baggage. What will I be if I am not a doctor? Who will respect me then?

We all have a fear. I have worked hard to get where I am. Why should I consider it baggage? Even if it is a baggage, it is my baggage. Krishna will think it differently. He is not against Arjun being a warrior or me being a doctor. He will argue that I will be still a doctor even after I stop carrying the baggage of being a doctor. I can still enjoy gold and flowers. I do not have to make handcuffs out of gold or flowers. I do not have to carry the weight and if I do, then I fall into the laws of how much can I carry.

This limiting factor needs to be understood. There is a limit of how much weight I can carry. It does not have to be physical weight. I know my limits of a physical weight. The unseen weights are not that obvious. We all can however feel the weight of stress and strain. There are more subtle weights and those are weights of ego and the likes. If we learn how not to carry these subtle weights, life acquires a different quality. Have you ever fallen sick? It is a lousy feeling. How does it feel once you get better? You will never want to be sick again. This is it. Once you learn to live without the subtle weights of stress, strain, ego and the likes, you will never want carry those weights again. There is no need for handcuffs even if they are golden or floral. Having a freedom of hands is better than any kind of handcuff. Yagya is a technique to get to this point and we will explore further in next column.

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