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Gita came into existence some 5000 years ago. It is a unique shastra, unique because it happened in the middle of a war, to be exact at the beginning of the Mahabharata war. Pandavas and Kauravas were ready for the war, and suddenly Arjuna sees the futility of the whole war. He was concerned and affected most by the fact that the people he was going to fight and may have to kill were all closely related to him. Some were his teachers the others grew up with him.


Many readers are perturbed by the whole incidence. The arguments that Arjuna presents to Krishna are all valid arguments. Intellectuals will definitely agree with the points made by Arjuna against the war. Krishna on the other hand tells the whole Gita and at the end Arjuna is ready to fight. It appears that Krishna is pushing Arjuna to the war. The question arises that is Krishna preaching Hinsa. Gandhiji was so perturbed with the whole story that he in his interpretation of Bhagwadgita tries to deny the whole epic of Mahabharata, as if it never really happened.

I like many others believe that Mahabharata did happen. The question that always arises in many minds is what was going on when Krishna was saying the verses of Gita to Arjuna. There are some 700 shlokas in Gita. It must have taken some time. Were all the warriors just looking at the pair and wondering what is going on. Or did the communication between Krishna and Arjuna happen at a different level.

What other level of communications are possible. Let us say that your son walks in your room and says he wants to marry a girl. You know that the girl is not suitable for this marriage. What happens to your body language even before you utter a single word. When you give that look to your son he immediately knows your reaction and his look to to you in defiance is all very clear. Actors know this very well and that is why some one like Raj Kapoor is a great actor. They can bring that body language with what they want to say. There is a method of communication, which can happen without words; a communication in silence is possible.

Krishna and Arjun were long time friends. They knew each other very well. Most likely the communication in Gita happened at a similar level as described above. The doubts and questions arose in the mind of Arjuna, Krishna saw it and the answers flowed through from him, the doubts were gone and Arjuna was ready to fight. Gita came to us because there was a witness and that is Sanjay. When he started putting the descriptions in words, it took 700 shlokas to describe it. It is as if you see a friend and it takes you seconds to have a mental picture. You start describing this mental picture to some one else, and by the time you have said that she was 5 feet 5 inches tall with blond hairs and blue eyes. And so on, several words and sentences are gone.

We all have heard the saying about how Necessity is the mother of invention. A similar relationship can be made with vishad (crisis) and kranti (revolution). A revolution is set to happen when there comes a crisis. In Mahabharata a major crisis happened when Arjuna had this vision of how can he kill all these close friends and relatives. Is it worth it? The crisis happened in the presence of Krishna, the Parmatma and out came the flowering of Gita. A crisis happened in Ramayana. Sita was abducted and out came the epic of Ramayana. Gautama Sidhartha saw a crisis and out came a Budha.

Yes, Gita is unique. It is a not only a story of how to deal with a crisis, but has all the information of how to live life. All the questions raised by Arjuna are relevant to our day-to-day life. Gita has to come into our lives, we have and can start living Gita. And when you start that, Krishna will be a reality to you and me. The unseen, the parmatma will be your friend too. We all have an Arjuna inside us; the one who is brave, the one who has doubts and questions, and the one who needs a sakha (friend).

And it is a unique opportunity at our times. Through e-gita we can all share an electronic platform and try to understand Gita and contribute to our lives and to the lives of others in the same way as Satsang used to do in days gone by. When groups of people start conversing about Ishwar or Parmatma (Satsang), it uplifts souls of the ones that gather together. This is very similar to the gravitational force that pulls objects down towards the earth. You do not have to believe in this uplifting force. Just allow this to happen to you and you will feel it, you will know it. Give e-gita a chance. Participate in it. Send your comments and criticisms back to us. Make it a living phenomenon.

We in this journey of e-gita will explore all these angles in detail, bit-by-bit or say byte by byte or simply shloka by shloka. The time has come when Gita will make sense to the people of today. Let us examine why. Firstly, the world has come closer to where Pandavas and Kauravs were 5000 years ago. Intellectually, people are using logic for most progresses. There are think tanks all over the world, from political parties to religious organizations. Arjun was an intellectual and a warrior. That was the problem. Gita did not happen to Duryodhana or Bhima. They knew that they had to fight. Arjuna’s intellect put him in trouble. Questions arose and had to be answered.

The whole world asks questions today. People are looking for answers. If you suggest a person to meditate, he will ask you why. What will meditation do for me? And so on. There is a population, which will say that have faith in God and they do find followers. But these are never the people who will understand Gita. To understand Gita, you must have the intellect to question. And, I feel that there is a growth in the number of persons that will like to ask questions. The days of blind faith are and will soon be numbered.

Besides Gita is a search, and a person of any bent or aptitude will find the book interesting to him. It suits a man of bhakti temperament and at the same time will suit a Bill Gates who is pursuit of perfection of products. Gita can be of use to people who want to run politics, want to increase productivity or want to manage people efficiently.

So, let us start with a weekly session on Bhagwat Gita on the forum of e-gita. Let Gita descend in our lives. Lataji (Lata Jagtiani) on her forum invited us to bring Bhagwat Gita on the trains, in hotel rooms and in our houses. I also invite you to come to this forum of e-gita and bring the Gita in our lives.

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