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Gita - Gita Articles

daivam ev| 'pare yaj@a= yogina+ paryup|sate
brahm|gn|v apare yaj@a= yaj@enai’vo’pajuhvati

Some yogis perform the service of worship to celestial controllers (Devas), while others offer sacrifice itself as offering in the fire of the Eternal Being (Brahma) by performing the sacrifice of Self-knowledge. (4.25)


Some yogis apply this yagya methodology
Systematically to different Devas
While others offer the Atma (self) as havan (offering)
To be purified by Brahma himself. ||4:25||

We are now ready to do something about our life. What do we do? Arjun is also asking the same question. What is best for me? He had Krishna with him. That was his advantage. Arjun, however, did not know what is going to happen. The future was not so clear. His victory was not in site. He was just wondering what might happen. We know what happened. This is our advantage. We know what happened to Arjun . We can visualize the transformation that happened to Arjun. We have not only what Krishna said to Arjun but also what effects it produced. We know the result.

Krishna so far has been talking about yoga and a yogi. He talks about vishad yoga, gyan yoga, buddhi yoga and karma yoga. He comes to a point where the person is now centered. His desires have dropped. He now attained the sthitapragya status. His mind has the clarity; there is no wavering. Krishna talks about Brahma. Then he switches to the concept of yagya. What is the difference between yagya and yoga. We need to understand the principles and the concepts behind both of these before we go further.

Yoga is some form of union. The concept is that of adding. You are growing. The growth is vertical as well as towards the center. It is not ageing. In ageing the years are added on to your time of existence. The clock is ticking and it will continue. You have to grow in a time frame of your life. The freedom is there. You can do what you like with your life. You can run for politics and spend your entire life in the game. Krishna will say that you can make your life a yoga even if you run for politics. Politics for Krishna becomes a play. Real focus is on the centering process. Krishna will not insist that you have to run away from politics.

Krishna’s way may be harder. It may take longer to get there. There may be many detours on the way. But, it will get you there. It may be easier if you left home and went to an Ashram. You may not have as many distractions. You may be able to dedicate more time to your centering process. Yet, you also may miss out on the excitements of real life. This is the path that Arjun chooses at the end of Gita. He continues to fight. Krishna stands side by side with Arjun. Krishna continues to be criticized for that by many. But Krishna knows that there is no real difference between him and Buddha or him and Mahavira. The center is always in the same place. Krishna may not be talking about peace, but he is peaceful all the time.

The path to yoga can be arduous. A lot of events happen. It does not matter if you leave home or not. Events happen anyway. You may fall in love with some one. The force of love is perhaps stronger than to a person who is not on the path of yoga. Sensitivity goes up as you start the path of yoga. The passion is so strong. You start feeling the senses that are not even present in an ordinary life. Life is about to become so forceful. There is also a lot of baggage that keep collecting around. When I talk of baggage, I am not talking about the garbage at home. I am talking about what we carry without being noticed. Some body insulted me. I am carrying the insult. One day I will give him back. I get the opportunity. I give him back. I am happy and relieved. I am carrying two baggages now. One is my original insult and second is my reply for that insult. My friend on the other hand is carrying my reply as an insult. He finds his opportunity and insults me again. My baggage is growing. We all have so many of these baggages that our life becomes impossible to live happily. What do you do? How do you deal with these burdens?

In my view this is where yagya becomes valuable. You need to get rid of these bags. The bags can be dropped on the way, but they will still carry the tags. You can pick it up again or it can become some one else’s burden. This is what happens when you dump your problems on some one else. Burning in the fire of life is one way to get rid of these bags. There is a fire of life.

Jeevan ek jwala hai
Jalne do jalne do
Jeevan ek jwala hai
Jalne do jalne do
Accho ko aur buron ko bhi
Sab kuch jal jane do
Jeevan ek jwala hai…..

We have to discover that fire. Yagya does not only burn the bags that contain garbage. That is the easy part. Krishna will ask Arjun to burn everything that he can grasp. Then and then only the pure self can shine. Yagya is a science and yagya is an art. We shall explore further in our next column.

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