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Thoughts and Meditation V
(Along the way)

I am now convinced that I start and continue the process of meditation. I am done with expectations and am ready to accept any thing that comes or goes. What happens next? Is everything wonderful after that? Do I just slip into meditation without any hindrance? Am I going to know everything? Will I walk on water? Will my third eye start functioning or will my chakras be vibrating? There are a lot of new questions that prop up. Questions about stepping into meditation have gone but new questions have propped up.

Do I have all the answers? Obviously not, but let me try to address some of them. Meditation experiences are unique to individuals and they do not have direct relationship to time. Someone has been meditating for 20 years and may stay at the same place compared to someone who started yesterday. There is no linear relationship because there are a lot of variables. How sincere you are is important but not the only factor. Past lives come into play as well. What techniques you are practicing is right for you or not is another factor. Gautam Siddhartha appears to have been enlightened in one life. But that is what we can see. We do not see how many lives he might have struggled to have come to that point.

The second point to understand is that miraculous powers are not the goals of meditation. The powers of grace move against gravity. The gravity is lower at higher altitudes and therefore it does become easier to meditate in the caves of Himalaya. But that does not mean that all our effort goes into meditating for levitation. That is one of the reasons I like the open systems of meditation so much. You do not have a mid point or end point. You just meditate and experience what comes your way.

Minor explosions:

I learned about this term from Osho. The experiences that I talked about above are fleeting. They come and go. In between we are our usual self. Do not take me wrong. There is change in me as a person and that change should reflect in my behavior and my life. If there is no qualitative change, then I am not meditating. I may be sitting there for one hour and that may be ok. But it ought to show in my life outside. That is the ultimate measuring tool.

The experiences that we get in during meditation may not last long. Let me qualify this term. You go into meditation. Suddenly you experience this blue light coming out of your forehead; this is coming out of your third eye position. The light is so soothing. This light expands and fills your whole body. It keeps expanding and fills your whole surrounding. You do not remember how long this light has been with you. You come out of your meditation and you are back to where you started. The blue light is gone. The tranquility you experienced is still with you to an extent, but the depth of this tranquility starts to slowly wane. The core has changed but the deep peace is not here with you all the time. You just had a minor explosion.

There is a difference between minor explosion and Samaadhi. In Samaadhi you are in that abode all the time. You are the peace. You are the tranquility. Any one else coming close to you can feel this deep peace around you. And this is like that all the time. I am not trying to see that such a person sees blue light surrounding him all the time, but he does carry the experience of deep peace with him all the time.

These minor explosion one of which I just describes have a tremendous pulling force. They keep bringing you back to meditation time and time. There is no such experience as these that you can get by any other means. The quality of your life starts changing and you find that your centering time has shortened. It is quite an experience and worth going for just for the experience. What you get as a byproduct is a bonus. These byproducts may be some miraculous powers or whatever. But they will remain to be by products.

Centering Time:

Let me talk to you a little about centering time. We all think that there is something from outside that upsets our being. The world is out to get me. I need to stay calm, but the world does not let me stay that way. Meditative world thinks differently. It basically believes that if there is a problem, it is you. You live on a baseline of disturbance and all you need to tip is an excuse. And then I come to baseline once I have blown off my steam. But, my baseline itself is on a disturbance level.

Let me explain this. I come home from work. It had been a busy day. My wife sees me and keeps watering the plants. She does not say hi or hello. She does not acknowledge my arrival. I am now feeling ignored. I go and change and come back down. I try to talk to her but it is not working. Anyway, the ice breaks and she talks. I knew it. There was no point asking you to bring anything. You would not bring it any way. She had asked me to bring a dozen of soda box, which I had forgotten. And before I know it I am shouting at the top of my voice. I am talking all about how tired I am and there is a major situation that comes out of this simple situation. We are supposed to love each other. But this is not the end. She stops talking to me for one week. My whole body is shaking. All the cells of my body are feeling the juice of anger. I am not aware that this juice is poison to my body and to my being. This continues for a whole week and subsides if I am lucky and another episode does not make it worse.

Centering time for one event in this case is one week. Other events may make the crisis worse and we may be in a continued strained relationship for the whole of our life. That may become a new baseline for our relationship. And this is not that uncommon.

What does meditation do to this scenario? By default meditation changes the base line. The threshold to show anger or disrespect goes up. The baseline is more peaceful. And most important of all, the centering time is diminished if not obliterated. I am still upset by my wife ignoring me. But I understand the pathway. I understand that if I disturb my being, it is me who is suffering. It is not only me but also the other person who is suffering in the process. In fact these questions also stop arising. It simply does not happen. The contrary logic is that I am justifying me not bringing the box of Soda. No, that is just an excuse. I am not upset because it is not worth getting upset. I will try to remember in future, is a different set of factors and I should. That is separate to me from being upset about it.

This is important. We must see the separate nature of these two events. I forgot to get Soda is one event. I am upset is another event. Unless the separateness is clear it is hard to reduce centering time. Meditation takes us there where the separateness is so obvious that we do not have to think.

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