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How do I deal with negative thoughts? PDF Print E-mail
FAQs - Meditation

It is not good to have negative thoughts for a meditative person even in joke. The danger is that in right moment and time…..thoughts may materialize. So, please …please….do not entertain negative thoughts while meditating. Also, do not forget that effects of meditation last longer than you think.

The idea is to become a meditative person. The undercurrent ought to be there all the time. Scope and range of awareness gets wider and wider.

Nobody needs meditation. It is not a need. It is a luxury. It is an adventure. It is a journey into the unknown. It is a challenge to climb Mt. Everest. Meditating can be a challenge as well. Are you ready to take the challenge?

Sanskrit Roots:

Om: The seed vibration of everything, not enough can be said about it, other than the word itself.
Krim: vibration of creation, associated with brahma
Hrim: vibration of sustainance with Sun & Vishnu
Hum: vibration of dissolution and liberation associated with shiva
Dakshina means many things such as direction, sign, grace etc
Swaha is to offer, surrender
Kalika literally means the one who eats time, or the one who makes time disappear

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