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The presentation of the book is unique because it is original and fresh. The thoughts in Bhagawad Gita can be interpreted in many ways and each of them may be appropriate. The author has explained the thoughts in Gita in a fresh manner. He has compared the happenings at the time of Mahabharat war with the present times. There are references to the Kargil war, to filmstars like Raj Kapoor, to Mahavir and Buddha, to Osho and Rajneesh, to make the book more understandable and interesting to the lay person.
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A door to divine can be opened from any aspect of one's life. Gita is life affirmative; it teaches us to live life as it is, and face all the imperfections it has inherent in it. Realization of the ultimate is possible without leaving life. Krishna would like us to be at ease in all situations of life, be it in a boat on an ocean or on a tank in a battle.

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