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Mantra - the science of sound
Mantra is another technique to affect the results of your karma and they are in themselves not good or bad. They can, however, be misused if the person behind has otherwise intentions. Remember that a mantra is a secret technique to achieve more power. A mantra is not in itself spiritual. Some mantras can indeed lead you to be spiritual. Om can bring you closer to the anhad nad, hu can work on certain centres to awaken your chakras. A spiritual person uses mantra for different purposes than a non spiritual. Many of the rituals and sacramnts (samskaras) that we are going to describe use mantras to invoke certain kind of gods.

The mind can become powerful if you focus its energy. It is just like the sun's rays falling to the ground. If you focus those waves, those rays, through a lens, fire can be created. Those rays were falling all spread out but now they have been narrowed down through the lens. They have become one-pointed, concentrated; now fire is possible.

The mind is energy, in fact, the same energy that comes through the sun, the same subtle rays. Ask the physicists. They say the mind has a voltage of electricity, that it is electrical.

If you can focus the mind through a lens, the mantra is a lens, and you go on repeating Ram, Ram, Ram, or Om, Om, Om, just one word -- if you go repeating and repeating and repeating it, and the mind's whole energy is centered in that one word -- it becomes a lens. Now all the rays are passing through that lens. Narrowed to one point it becomes powerful, you can do miracles. Just by thinking you can do miracles.

Mantras can aslo be used in puja to achieve a wanted result. This often is called a Sakam puja. Often a mantra chanted at a certain time in a certain place has a compounding effect. For example, there are many sadhaks who do durga path at the time of Navratri in Kamakhya. This has been going on for centuries. The whole atmosphere is charged in Kamakhya at that time.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand how mantras can produce results. The same people who question such techniques use other techniques to get results. In the west there is always the talk of positive thinking and how you can get ahead by thinking positve. There are courses in the USA where it is taught that if you want to become the chief, start thinking and behaving like a chief and that will take you there.

Vincent Peele has written a book on positive imaging. This is one step ahead of positive thinking. Positive imaging is like dreaming. Construct your dream and fill it with the desired result. A patient is going to have a surgery. He starts dreaming that he is having surgery. His surgeon is doing the surgery and the surgeon is doing great. There are no complications. Bleeding is minimal. The patient is now recovering and the recovery has been wonderful. Now, this person is trying to influence his outcome and also the behavior of not only the surgeon but the whole operating team. And, Vincent Peele is convinced that positive imaging works in getting close to the desired result.

Hindus went a step further. The science of sound. Most mantra sounds do not have any meaning. If there was a meaning, perhaps it will loose its effects. There are provisions of how to do mantra jaap and when and where to do them to obtain a given result.

Mantras can also be used to do Nishkam puja. Then the sound is used to transgress mind. The vibrations of the sound goes to every cell of the body. The mantra is internalized by making it a continuous phenomenon. Now you do not have to chant Om,Om from outside. Your whole existence is echoing with the sound. In such a state mind is bypassed. It simply is dropped. There is no desire to achieve any thing. If there is no result or goal in mind the mind is no more needed.

Mantras as mentioned above can be used to achieve powers. And then it can be used to show your powers. People who are doing miracles using powers of mantras are magicians, not spiritual. They are even anti-spiritual because they are spreading magic by misusing the powers they have achieved in the name of religion, which is very dangerous.

So if you are a man of mantra miracles you can say to a tree, "Die," and the tree will die; you can say to a man, "Be healthy," and the disease will disappear, or, "Be unhealthy," and the disease will enter -- many things you can do. You can become somebody, and people will recognize you as a man of power but never a man of God.

Mantras have a neutral status, they were not developed only to affect the result of a given karma. Mantras are and can be used in spiritual journey to get to a point from where the jump can happen. The whole technique of mantra and its japa in an appropriate place can create an atmosphere where the jnana can happen.

However, in the performing of samskaras mantras are used to invoke differnet gods and piters and also to bless the participants. Mantras are essential parts of all samskaras.


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