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Vivaaha samskar:
Whether or not you believe in marriages being made in heaven, marriage in every culture and civilization is the most celebrated event in ones life. Hindu culture celebrates marriage as a Samskara - sacrament, a right of passage when two individuals start their journey into the Grihasthashram - the life of a householder. It is the beginning of a divine union of two individuals. Vedic ceremonies facilitate this union to begin the enriching experience of a householder,s life. Through these ceremonies we seek the blessings of Almighty God and our ancesters as well as the best wishes of friends and relatives for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of the individual.

Of all the Hindu sacraments, Vivaha or marriage is considered to be the most central one. Hinduism rightly emphasizes the importance of the life of the householder. The sacrament of marriage impresses upon a person that earthly life is not to be despised ; rather it should be consciously accepted and elevated to the level of spiritual experience.

The underlying Vedic philosophy in a Hindu marriage is that the multiplicity of creation becomes possible when purush unites with prakriti. The conceptual vedic metaphor therefore of a man-woman unity is Ardhnarishwara - half Shiva and half Parvati in one image. Ceremonies performed at a wedding reflect this highest ideal of ardhnarishwara.

The core of a Hindu marriage lays emphasis on the two essential values, harmony and growth.

Harmony, beginning with one’s inner self and encompassing the entire creation, remains at the heart of all the ceremonies performed in a Hindu marriage. It is believed that true peace for any individual is only possible when harmony prevails around as well as within.

Growth in a householder life is considered an opportunity for two individuals committed to merge their individual “I” consciousness (Ahankar) and evolve their “We” consciousness (Vayamkar). Vedic rituals and ceremonies invoke divine will for the growth of the couple.


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